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The Internet is a Network of computers that are all over the world that people can use to access information 24 hours a day. A Computer Network consisting of a worldwide network of Servers that use the TCP/IP Network Protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange. Of course it’s a lot more then just that. Simply trying to define what the internet is, is almost impossible. It’s the biggest and the most important human advancement ever. Second only to the advancements in computers, and right before that, the advancements in language and the written word, which was our first defining moment. And because of this early Writing System, we learned to communicate much more effectively, and convey a lot more knowledge and information. And now with computers, and the Internet, and the digitizing of language, we are now transmitting more knowledge and information then any other time in our history. So just like when we look back at see how language changed our world, future generations will look back at the internet and see how the internet transformed our world. A world that will be greatly improved. The internet is a lot bigger then you think, literally, figuratively and philosophically. But instead of listing the thousands of benefits that are coming from this internet network, I want to talk briefly about an interesting similarity. It seems that the internet is just a natural process of life. Just like the internet, life wants to branch out and make connections. Similar to the root systems Mycorrhiza found in Mushrooms located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And also like the Quaking Aspen’s, or Pando Trees, in Utah and Colorado. But life not only branches out and makes more connections, life also livesSymbiotically, and learns how to adapt. If not, that life form eventually dies, as history has proven. And when that happens, then you become a fossil for future life to look back on and say, “Hey, I wonder what happened to these creatures, they seemed to have had a brain, but I guess they never learned how to use it? I will write more about the internet, but for now, I like analyzing the similarities between life and the internet, it reminds me of the similarities between the human brain and computers. The internet is a human’s way of mimicking biology. Human intelligence is advancing faster then any other time in human history, and Artificial Intelligence is just another tool that we have created to enhance our abilities and increase our potential.

Hyperlinks link documents and information. Synapses in the human brain are connections between neurons through which “information” flows from one neuron to another. Some hypertext hyperlinks can be bidirectional: they can be followed in two directions, so both ends act as anchors and as targets. More complex arrangements exist, such as many-to-many links.
Anchor Text is the link label, link text, or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink.

Artificial Neural Network
Neurobiology is the study of cells of the nervous system and the organization of these cells into functional circuits that process information and mediate behavior. It is a subdiscipline of both biology and neuroscience.
Intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization’s staff.
Extranet is a website that allows controlled access to partners, vendors and suppliers or an authorized set of customers – normally to a subset of the information accessible from an organization’s intranet. An extranet is similar to a DMZ in that it provides access to needed services for authorised parties, without granting access to an organization’s entire network. An extranet is a private network organization. Historically the term was occasionally also used in the sense of two organizations sharing their internal networks over a VPN.
LAN, or Local Area Network, is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building and has its network equipment and interconnects locally managed. By contrast, a wide area network (WAN), not only covers a larger geographic distance, but also generally involves leased telecommunication circuits or Internet links.
The Wood Wide Web, are Plants Inter-Connected by a Subterranean Fungal Network?
Mycorrhizal Network
Humongous Fungus
Clonal Colony
Populus Tremuloides
The Internet is Human Intelligence in Action
Internet Infrastructure

“How could we become so connected and yet be so disconnected at the same time?”

Social Networks
Search Engines

The main reason why most people don’t use the internet is because most people do not understand the value, the importance or the potential that the internet offers. So when the other 3/4’s of the worlds population does get access, they should know better on how to use the internet, as well as know why, when and where to access the internet.

Los Alguiens – El Internet (ORIGINAL VERSION) (Internet Song on youtube)
Lyrics Translated: If you want to download a song, download it from internet,  If you want a girlfriend, look for her in internet.
You want to host a party, host it on internet,   If you want to read the news, do it on internet, The internet, the internet, the internet, the internet,  the internet, the internet, the internet, the internet.

4.4 Billion People Still Don’t Have Internet Access in 2014, and most of the 3 billion who do have Internet Access, are not using the internet effectively or efficiently. Just having access does not say anything. 60 percent of the world isn’t online. There is more mobile phone coverage.

List of Countries by Number of Internet Users
Internet Use Demographics (PDF)
How Many Computers?

44% of offline adults have asked a friend or family member to look something up or complete a task on the internet for them.
50 million people in America don’t log on.

Pew Internet
Internet Society
Project Link

World Internet Usage

Reasons why some people don't use the internet

F the Internet (youtube) Funny video about this women’s idea what the internet is.

What people are Searching for on the Internet?

Of course people will never know the true details of what search engines know about what people are looking for on the internet. Or will people know what information Google is selling, or know who is buying this information, or know what certain people plan to do with that information?  So what do our internet searches say about us? What does your Search History say about you? What does your Browser History say about you?

Google will display their pretty trends, but they will not share the most important information. So people will only see the stupid stuff that people search for on Google. The amount of Things that happen in one day are enormous.

2001 Top Internet Queries
1. Nostradamus   2. CNN  3. World Trade Center  4. Harry Potter  5. Anthrax  6. Windows XP  7. Osama Bin Laden
8. Audiogalaxy  9. Taliban  10. Loft Story  11. Afghanistan  12. Nimba  13. American Airlines  14. American Flag
15. Aaliyah  16. FBI  17. Kazaa  18. Lord of the Rings  19. Jennifer Lopez  20. Xbox

The 2013 list of top-trending searches (global) included Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, iPhone 5s, Cory Monteith,
Harlem Shake, Boston Marathon, Royal Baby, Samsung Galaxy s4, PlayStation 4 and North Korea.

Most searched beauty question: How to get rid of acne
Most searched dog question: Why do dogs eat grass?
Top-trending memes search: Tim Howard memes
Top-trending natural events search: Hurricane Arthur
Most searched places on Google maps: Wal-Mart
Top-trending podcast search: Serial
Top-trending book search: Boy, Snow, Bird

Top Internet Searches from each State in America

Top internet searches are most related to what’s happening in the media, and since the media is mostly irrelevant, that means people are not learning as much as they should be from the internet, which is extremely alarming. There is nothing more damaging to a person then the belief that they are learning enough in order to be accurately aware of themselves and the world around them. This is what is happening in our education system, as well as the media, and now the internet. And this false sense of learning enough, is demonstrated throughout the world in the form of violence, wars, crimes and mental disorders. So your biggest mass murderers are not just the people who control the media, your largest mass murders are the people who control education and what is being taught in schools. But try to explain that to people is almost impossible, considering the amount of damage that has been afflicted on them from our media outlets and from our schools. You can’t speak or understand a language that you never heard of. And this language is called intelligence, where knowledge and information is clearly understood. Teach the language of intelligence and you will eventually solve every problem in the world.

Google indexes no more than 16 percent of the surface Web and misses all of the Deep Web. Any given search turns up just 0.03 percent of the information that exists online (one in 3,000 pages)  Much of the Deep Web’s unindexed material lies in mundane data­bases such as LexisNexis or the rolls of the U.S. Patent Office.

Wikipedia Statistics

“The internet connects more then just computers, the internet connects minds. And when people finally do understand this ability, the saying “the word travels fast” will be an understatement.”

Internet of Things
Web at 25

“Most people don’t understand the internet, they don’t realize the potential of the internet, or what it means to be connected to the worlds most valuable knowledge and information.”

“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”


Basic Knowledge 101.com does not share our users personal information. But that does not mean that your personal information is secure because we cannot control other websites privacy policies and what they do with your personal information. So we encourage our members and site visitors to be aware of the privacy policies of the other websites that we link too. When a new browser window opens we encourage our users to be aware of the privacy statements of each website that collects personally identifiable information. Please be aware that Basic Knowledge 101.com can not be responsible for Links that no longer point to the original site on which it was intended because the Domain name, or ULR, was sold or high jacked by the people where the domain name was registered. We apologize and will remove the link as soon as we are notified. If a site we link to is found to be fraudulent in any way we will remove it and no longer link to that website. If a website that we link to does not want us to link to them we will remove it and no longer link to that site.
I do not indorse every opinion or every action that other people do. Nor do I indorse every opinion or every action that I do. I like to confirm the accuracy of opinions and actions through the process of Intelligent consensuses. But even then, that will still not guarantee that you wont learn anything new, which would ultimately change your opinion, or change your action.
I do not agree with everything that is portrayed in Documentaries, Movies, TV Shows or any other Media Outlets. I assimilate the most logical parts of information and put them together to form an understanding. Then I write down my understandings so that I can share this information with others. Every person must learn how to recognize what information is accurate and valuable. So what is your procedure for filtering and assimilating information?  Media Literacy

Disclaimer is a statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally recognized relationship. In contrast to other terms for legally operative language, the term disclaimer usually implies situations that involve some level of uncertainty, waiver, or risk.

Do you have to make a disclosure even when you’re not misleading anyone? Almost all information can be misinterpreted. But if you intentionally present information that can be misinterpreted, then that’s propaganda, those are when disclosures are absolutely necessary. But you never see disclosures in the news, on TV, in books or in the movies. Even if you do see disclosures they too can be misleading, so the disclosure needs a disclosure. And you wonder why learning Information Literacy andMedia Literacy are extremely important.

Disclosure is the act of making something evident, to make visible. To make known to the public information that can be misinterpreted. To make vulnerabilities known. Full Disclosure flaws in software can be abused to cause unintended behaviour, these flaws are called vulnerabilities.


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